Open Show 2020 Critique

Sunday, 23rd February, 2020.

My most sincere thanks are extended to the Officers & Committee of the London & Home Counties Boxer Club for allowing me the privilege of judging their excellent show of a breed which has been close to my heart for so very many years.

I must also thank the exhibitors for affording me such a generous entry and for receiving my decisions with such good grace and sportsmanship. Although the quality overall was most gratifying, it transpired to be a girls’ day out, with all the top spots being taken by bitches of exceptional quality.

My BB/BIS went to Maranseen Bespoke from the Junior Class, with Maranseen Encore from the Open Class taking RBB/RBIS. BPIS went to Lanfrese Coachella for Chribanna, from the MPB class, on her first time out at just 6 months. BVIS went to Clarricks Bailey Ray at Hipkins JW and BOS to Attomic Mirror Man (AI) from PGD. It was a most rewarding day for me and I had some tough decisions to make during the course of the show, splitting hairs on several occasions, hence my appreciation of the exhibitors’ sporting response.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (2) 1.Cooper’s Harvlin Blue Moon. Exuberant 8 months brindle, although very much a baby, all in proportion with super expressive head on strong neck. Clear eyes, strong muzzle. Straight front with good legs and tight feet. Lively on the move but sound. Personality plus but calmed down in the Puppy challenge to take BPD. 2.Taylor & Lay’s Wivendene Tyme Traveller with Swiftwood. Big brindle coming up to 9 months who will take his time to mature. Strong head, clear eyes, good bite and dentition. Nice sensible puppy with good steady movement.

PUPPY DOG (3) 1. Cherry’s Cherryforge Galileo. 9 months br. Very nicely put together with excellent outline. Good front with enough width and depth. Expressive head on strong neck. Powerful movement. 2.McQueen’s Mr Specter Suits Bogonzo. Strong boy of 11 months. Very little to choose between 1 and 2, a shade bigger but similar in type. Another sound mover. Just preferred the outline of 1. 3. Hibble’s Against All Odds Now at Tessier (naf).

JUNIOR DOG (2, 1 abs) 1.Ashley’s Cherryforge Quevega. 16 months dark brindle who needs to gain confidence. Stood alone in his class which probably didn’t help. Not as typical in head as I prefer but very sound and together on the move.

NOVICE DOG (No entries).

DEBUTANT DOG (3) 1. Pye’s Burnden Secret Code. 2 years br. Of good size. Good expressive head on well arched neck. Excellent bite and dentition. Decent front but could do with more fill in of chest. Good positive movement. 2.Humphries Chribanne Bacarini.Compact 2 year old fawn. Mature for age but very different in type to 1. Strong expressive head although ears not his greatest asset. Powerful stacked and on the move, well muscled and active. 3. Hibble’s Against All Odds Now at Tessier.

POSTGRADUATE DOG. (5) 1. Longley’s Attomic Mirror Man (AI). Masculine red fawn of 22 months. Good size with clean lines and the best outline in the class. Very well balanced overall with good bone, straight front with good width and depth of chest. Strong expressive head set on muscular neck leading to correct topline and good rear angulation. Strong and powerful on the move. A very pleasing overall picture. BD/BOS. 2.Spencer’s Bonmac Jack the Lad at Ashronsha. Big 3 year old boy with lovely head on muscular neck. Well put together with nice outline but not quite the fill-in of chest of 1. Good powerful movement. 3.Mitchell’s Diceulon the Gangster.

LIMIT DOG (2) 1. Slattery’s Sleipnir the Norseman. Typey brindle of 21 months who I liked very much and was in the running in the final line-up where I was really splitting hairs in my final placings. Very nicely balanced with super head and neck, straight front with good width and depth of chest. Sound typical movement. 2. Godwin’s Saltash Cunco. 2 year old at the rangy stage so not as together as 1. Good expressive head with good bite and strong muzzle. Moved out well. Just needs time to develop.

OPEN DOG (3) 1. Whitfield’s Strike a Deal with Farfield. 6 year old brindle with super outline. Well balanced all through with nice clean head set on strong neck. Good depth of chest and brisket. Sound on the move. 2. Kelly’s Casemates Gandalf. 3 year old brindle, similar in type to 1. Expressive head with good muzzle, muscular neck. Typical outline. Moved OK. 3. Mitchell’s Diceulon the Desperado with Winuwuk JW.

SPECIAL OPEN DOG/BITCH (3) 1. Toogood’s Izzyty Max Busted Out. Strong brindle 4 year old, placed VHC in a strong PG class and certainly worth a mention. Alert and powerful in good muscular condition. Strong head and neck. Good sound movement. 2.Bole’s Harvlin Rosie May. Compact 4 year old brindle bitch with pretty feminine head. Nicely balanced all through, I would just like a little more of her. Moved out very nicely. 3. Ashley’s Olibetay Arko.

SPECIAL BEGINNERS DOG/BITCH (4, 1) 1. Cooper’s Harvlin Blue Moon. 2. Bole’s Harvlin Hot Toddy. 2 year old brindle male with good head and neck, Res in PG. Still immature and needs to develop in width and depth of chest. Good sound movement. 3. Munday’s Izzamoor Queen Eleanor.

VETERAN DOG/BITCH (5, 1) 1. Wheeler’s Clarricks Bailey Ray at Hipkins ShCM. Super 8 year old red fawn bitch. So well proportioned with everything in its place. Lovely expressive head on strong neck. Typical outline, sound and positive on the move. BV. 2. Lock’s Clarricks Andromeda. 8 year old litter brother to winner and what a super pair they made. Hard to choose between them. Strong, well muscled and active on the move, he went on to take ResBD. 3. Taylor & Lay’s Izzamoor Trick of the Light at Wivendene JW.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (3, 1) 1.Humphries Lanfrese Cochella for Chribanna. Dark brindle baby of just 6 months but what a star already. So well balanced all through. The prettiest head with alert expression, beautifully arched neck following through to correct topline and tailset. Super outline with good angulation and sturdy bone. She moved with the confidence and panache of a show stopper and just about stole the show. She must surely have an exciting future.

BPB/BPIS. 2. Slattery’s Sleipnir Ebbe Torunn. 7 months red girl of very nice type. Lovely expressive head on super reach of neck. Well constructed and will take her time to mature but nevertheless a very promising girl. Excellent on the move. PUPPY BITCH (3) 1. Pye’s Burnden Agent Provocateur. Very nicely balanced brindle of 10 months. Strong expressive head set on nicely arched neck. All in proportion giving typical outline. Good active mover. Very nice overall picture. 2. Kelly’s Conchobar Hermione at Casemates. Another 10 months brindle of good size. Strong head on muscular neck Straight front, good depth of brisket making typical outline. Nice easy movement. Close up to 1 for placing. 3. Hawkins Geenawell Ka Ching at Mellhawk.

JUNIOR BITCH (5, 1) 1. Seeney’s Maranseen Bespoke.16 months brindle of excellent type. I loved this young bitch’s attitude, so attentive and willing, responding so well to her handler. The best of heads, clear eyes, pronounced stop, well padded deep muzzle, nice upsweep of chin, all this set on a beautifully arched neck following through to correct topline and tailset. An excellent front with the depth and fill of chest I was looking for. Good ribs and brisket giving beautiful outline showing sweeping angulation. She moved with elegance and drive, taking this class with ease and ultimately going on to BB/BIS. 2. Harris’s Milion Diddles from Newlaithe. Substantial red fawn of 15 months. Well balanced all through with very nice outline. Strong head of correct proportions, good front with well filled chest. Powerful girl who moved out well. 3. Cherry’s Olivetay Anastasia to Cherryforge.

NOVICE BITCH (4) 1.Merritt’s Marquin Million Dollar Baby.2 year old brindle of good substance and balance. Ears held well adding to alert expression. Straight front with good depth of chest and brisket. Correct outline. True powerful movement. 2. Kelly’s Casemates Inspiration. Compact 17 months brindle with appealing head and expression. Compact in build but nicely balanced with good outline. Pretty head with sweet expression. Good fluid movement. 3. O’Neill’s Diceulon Sea Breeze.

DEBUTANT BITCH (5, 3) 1. Spanswick’s Barnsgate Appealling Alice at Tudora. Nicely balanced 3 year old with appealing head and expression. Typical outline with good depth of brisket. Lively on the move but moved OK when settled. 2. O’Neill’s Diceulon Sea Breeze. A leggy girl at 22 months and still at the rangy stage, otherwise a decent outline with good ribs and depth of brisket. Expressive head on good neck. Nice steady movement.

POSTGRADUATE BITCH (7, 3) 1. Weller’s Hollijon Tooty Fruity for Greenawell. Typey 3 year old brindle with lovely head on super reach of neck. Clear expressive eyes, well padded muzzle, good underjaw and chin. Straight front, neat feet. Well balanced all through with good angulation. Alert and active on the move. A very nice overall picture. 2. Ashley’s Cherryforge Quevega. 5 year old brindle with super strong head on muscular neck. Well balanced compact body with deep chest and good ribcage. Fit and active on the move. 3. Mitchell’s Diceulon Idaho.

LIMIT BITCH (7, 1)A strong class of quality bitches. 1. Spencer’s Ashronsha Wildest Dreams. Compact dark brindle coming up to 4 with beautiful head on nicely arched neck. Clear dark eyes, pronounced stop, deep well padded muzzle, good underjaw and chin. Well balanced all through giving typical outline, showing correct angulation. Well muscled rear used well on the move. 2. Humphries Chribanna Amethyst Shower.Strong 3 year old brindle. Expressive head of correct proportions on well arched neck. Well boned with straight front of good width and depth. Deep brisket giving correct outline. Very nice all through. 3. Wheeler’s Hipkins Devious Maid.

OPEN BITCH (5, 1) 1. Seeney’s Maranseen Encore. Powerful 3 year old brindle with super strong head, clear eyes, pronounced stop, muzzle well padded with good width and depth, strong underjaw with upsweep of chin, adding to expression. Muscular neck following through to correct topline and tailset. Well boned with straight front of good width and depth, deep brisket and good ribs. Totally balanced all through. Strong powerful movement. Narrowly lost out to JB for BB but went on to a well deserved ResBB/ResBIS. 2. Spencer’s Ashronsha Sweet Dreams. 3 year old brindle, similar in type to 1 with strong expressive head, good neck and outline. Deep chest, good ribs. Moved well when settled. 3. Cherry’s Cherryforge Starlight.



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