Open Show – 5th March 2023

Open Show – 5th March 2023

Judge: Pam Freeman (Testwood)

Principal Winners (l-r):
(l to r) BIS, Mr & Mrs G & M Seeneys’ Sulez Victorious at Maranseen;
RBIS, BB & BOS, Mrs S Drinkwater’s Sulez Smasher;
BPIS, Miss & Mr J & T Brown & Hutchings’ Winuwuk Walk It Talk It (AI);
BVIS, Mrs A Robinson’s Robinteck the Revenant with Xandene.
Pictured with Judge Pam Freeman (Testwood).

Dog Line-up:
(l to r) BIS, Mr & Mrs G & M Seeneys’ Sulez Victorious at Maranseen;
RBIS & BOS, Mrs S Drinkwater’s Sulez Smasher;
BPIS, Miss & Mr J & T Brown & Hutchings’ Winuwuk Walk It Talk It;
BVIS, Mrs A Robinson’s Robinteck the Revenant with Xandene.
Judge: Pam Freeman

Bitch line-up (l to r):
RBIS & BOS & BB, Mrs S Drinkwater’s Sulez Smasher;
RBB & BPIS, Miss & Mr J & T Brown & Hutchings’ Winuwuk Silent Witness.
Judge Pam Freeman (Testwood).


Thank you to exhibitors for bringing such quality dogs under me.  Thank you also to my so efficient steward and to the committee for such a well-run friendly show.

Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Puppy Dog (2)

1)  Brown & Hutchings’:  Winuwuk Walk it Talk it

9 month old brindle/white. Super outline, very stylish with great tailset and lovely neck leading to level topline that he retained at all times.  Good forechest, tight feet, good mouth.  Head still immature, but very promising – showing all the makings of a good one.  Good shaped dark eye.  Handled superbly as usual!!  Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show.

2)  Peck & Ames’:   Winuwuk Line of Duty for Enesha

Another promising puppy, more immature than (1) and not the rear angulation at the moment.  He has a very pleasing head, with dark eye and good mouth.  Lovely neck and good depth of forechest.  A few more months will, I think, make all the difference to this puppy.

Junior Dog (0)

Novice Dog (0)


Post Graduate Dog (7/2 abs)

1)  Seeney’s: Sulez Victorious at Maranseen

This was a top quality class.  2 year old brindle/white.  All male with a superb head, balanced skull to muzzle, broad nose with open nostrils, good chin, good mouth and dark eyes.  Body square with correct shoulders, good depth of forechest and spring of ribs.  Well angulated quarters, good topline and tailset.  Moved very well.  Very pleased to award him Best in Show.

2)  Kuech’s: Boese Jiggerlardo JW

18 month old brindle/white.  Another very nice male (I see he has the same sire as 1).  Attractive balanced head, with a superb mouth and dark eyes.  Stylish dog with great outline, lovely neck and topline.  Although slightly unsettled, I saw enough of his quality to award him 2nd in this strong class.

3) Weller’s Geenawell Really Fruity


Limit Dog (1)

1) Longley’s: Attomic Mirror Man (AI)

4 year old red/white.  Quality male with an eye-catching, correct square outline, well laid back shoulders and well-muscled hindquarters.   A good honest boxer with no exaggerations.   Pleasing head with dark eyes, lean skull, open nostrils and correct wrinkle.  Res Best Dog


Open Dog (2)

1) Godwin’s: Sultash Cunco

5 year old brindle/white in lovely condition.  Great square outline with balanced depth of chest to length of foreleg.  Correct laidback shoulders with good front leading to small well padded feet.  Level topline with good tailset and nicely angulated quarters.  Pleasing head with good dark eyes.

2) Ames’: Marbleview Phantom Menace at Thenamy

5 year old brindle/white. Good head, lovely nose with open nostrils, dark eyes.  Although a bigger dog than (1), he is lighter in frame and not the balance of forechest and length of foreleg.  He moved very well and retained his level topline and good tailset on the move.


Special Open Dog/Bitch (2)

1) Wilson’s Thorpaige Chasing Rainbows

8 month old brindle/white bitch puppy.  Very promising puppy with a good head that just needs to mature.  She already has depth and width of muzzle, beautiful dark eyes and good lip placement.  Still immature in body but again everything is there and balanced, she just needs to finish.  Lovely topline and tailset with well angulated quarters.

2) Mitchell’s Geenawell Dark N Delectable with Diceulon

2 year old brindle bitch.  Bigger bitch than (1) with a very nice head, with good mouth and dark eyes.  She did not want to stand in the class and her very experienced handler had to work hard to get her to settle at all.  Good hammy angulated quarters.


Veteran Dog/Bitch (5/2 abs)

1) Robinson’s Robinsteck The Revenant with Xandene

7 year old brindle/white dog.  A well constructed dog with both substance and style.   He has a lovely neck and forechest, topped off with a good head and expression.  Well padded muzzle has width and depth.  Well angulated with level topline.

2) Betts’ Trumist Viva La Ziva

9½ year old brindle/white bitch, who certainly does not look her age.  Very well constructed with great depth of chest balanced to height of foreleg, and good rear angulation.  She moved very well and steadily.  Her head is balanced yet feminine.

3) Robinson’s Gravity Pulls to Robinsteck


Minor Puppy Bitch (4/1 abs)

1) Drinkwater’s Sulez Teaser

7 month old brindle/white.  Extremely promising puppy, obviously immature, but already showing lots of style. Well constructed with level topline and good tailset, finished off with well angulated quarters and good feet.  Really lovely head and expression.

2) Wilson’s Thorpaige What a Kerfuffle

8 month old brindle/white.  Another good puppy, shade longer cast than (1).  Great rear angulation, good topline and tailset.  Good depth of chest and lovely neck.  Litter sister to winner of Special class.  On the day I preferred the sister.

3) Mitchell’s Diceulon Hermione


Puppy Bitch (1)

1) Brown & Hutchings Winuwuk Silent Witness

9 month old brindle/white.  She is stunning, just filled my eye (unfortunately she lost out for Best Puppy as she was unsettled against her kennel mate in the challenge).  Very good mover, great outline, balanced in depth of chest to length of foreleg.  Level topline and good tailset, finished off with small well padded feet.  Attractive feminine head with good mouth and dark eyes.  Very promising.  Best Bitch Puppy and Res Best Bitch


Junior Bitch (3)

1) Spencer’s Ashronsha Love to Dream

Very well constructed eye-catching brindle/white bitch.  She has substance while still being very feminine.  Lovely head with a good mouth and dark eyes.  Well laid back shoulders with good depth of forechest and spring of rib.

2) Godwin’s Sultash Charisma

A lovely dark brindle/white bitch, hard choice between (1) and (2).  Good neck with well laidback shoulders and depth of forechest, balanced square outline finished with tight well padded feet.  At the moment she is more immature than (1) in head.

3) Hawkins’ Mellhawk Tiger Lily


Novice Bitch (1)

1) Brown & Hutchings’ Winuwuk Walking on Sunshine (AI)

9 month old red.  Still quite an immature girl, but what an outline!  Superb neck, topline, tailset, depth of chest and layback of shoulders.  Good mouth.  Head needs to finish, but everything is in place already.  No white markings but this girl doesn’t need any, her construction and style just speak for themselves.  Unfortunately in the challenge she was completely unsettled.


Post Graduate Bitch (3)

1) Spencer’s Uftonponds Maid By the Loch at Ashronsha

Well constructed brindle/white.  Beautiful square outline with lovely neck, great topline and well angulated quarters, topped by very pleasing head, completely balanced with broad, deep muzzle and lean skull, yet very feminine.

2) Geenawell Dark N Delectable with Diceulon

3) Betts’ Surfstone Brainstorm to Trumist


Limit Bitch (7)

What a strong class this was, some quality bitches had to be unplaced.

1) Drinkwater’s Sulez Smasher

What an eye-catching top quality brindle/white bitch.  Completely balanced construction with correctly laid back shoulders, depth of chest and beautiful neck, all topped off with a pleasing head with great expression and good mouth.  Correctly angulated quarters and good tailset.  A picture of substance with style.  I think her title will not be long coming.  Best Bitch, Res Best in Show

2) Godwin’s Sultash Enable

Another lovely brindle/white.  Taller than (1) but still very well balanced construction with level topline and good tailset, finished off with good feet.  Attractive head with dark eyes and good mouth.

3) Robinson’s Robinsteck A Star is Born


Open Bitch (2)

1) Brown & Hutchings’ Winuwuk Aphrodite

Well constructed brindle/white bitch.  Attractive head with good chin and mouth, dark eyes and wide nostrils.  Level topline with good tailset, well angulated strong quarters, producing her very good driving movement.

2) Seeney’s Maranseen Bespoke

4 year old dark brindle/white bitch.  Shade longer cast than (1), good topline, lovely neck, topped by attractive head with very good mouth and dark eyes.  Well laid back shoulders and good depth of chest, finished off with correct well padded small feet.

Pam Freeman (judge)


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