JKD Seminar

The London and Home Counties Boxer Club hosted a seminar to discuss JKD, its challenges and current research efforts in finding a solution to the problem.

The Boxer Breed Council provided financial support for this event at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park on 21st October 2018. The seminar was broadcast via Facebook Live streaming.

Sincere thanks to our eminent speakers for their continued interest and continuing efforts in helping us address JKD in our breed and to those breeders and other interested parties who attended.
Chaired by Nigel J Utting
Introduced by Professor Jo Peters
Professor Hattie Syme – Professor of Veterinary Internal Medicine (RVC)
Dr Bruce Cattanach – Director of the Medical Research Council’s Mamalian Genetics Unit (retired)
Professor Bill Amos – Professor of Evolutionary Genetics (Cambridge University)
Links to the two parts of the seminar can be found here:
Part 1: The Speakers

Part2: The Q&A


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