JKD Seminar

London & Home Counties Boxer Club are hosting a Seminar on Boxer JKD on October 21st at the Kennel Club Building Stoneleigh Warwickshire at 12.30 for a 1.00pm start.

Speakers will be: Professor Harriet Syme, Senior Veterinary Tutor at The Royal Veterinary College, speaking on the structure and function of the kidney and the veterinary aspects of the disease; Dr Bruce Cattanach FRS on the genetics of JKD; and William Amos, Professor of Evolutionary Genetics at Cambridge University, on the latest research into trying to find the specific gene for JKD. The meeting will be chaired by Mr Ric Beall (MA Cantab Law.)

After the speakers, there will be an interval for refreshments followed by questions and answers. It is hoped that this meeting will lead to a better understanding of this highly complex disease. It is being held, not only for breeders and exhibitors but for all those with an interest in the breed and those who have had experience of the disease itself.
Tickets (70) will be issued on a first come first served basis, free of charge. Please apply to sheilacartwright@btinternet.com and numbered tickets will be issued by email.

This seminar is being funded by a grant from the Boxer Breed Council

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